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In a traditional approach, various different solutions are needed for the extraction, processing and indexation of unstructured, structured and semi structured data. Besides that, these different solutions are not integrated, what results in a lack of valuable information that are hidden in their relations among themselves.

Let’s imagine that you are working with terabytes of files in an important investigation.

You still don’t know, but a key information of your investigation depends on the relation between evidence stored in various different digital solutions that don’t communicate with each other.

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Welcome to Investigation 4.0

SCM® Unlimited Platform acts in investigative case management in an unique and innovative manner.

Differently from linear and ordinary manners, at Investigation 4.0 you can work with all data available at the same time: integrated external systems, messages, e-mails, documents, data voice, audio transcription, gathering all in the same tool.

Digital transformation in a world of infinite data brings cognitive and operational challenges; doing a research, an investigation or simply the act of analyzing a vast amount of data becomes a complex and humanly impossible task.

SCM® was created to expand the capacity of investigating, correlating, researching, crossing and comparing patterns, standard deviations and other techniques, using Big Data technology.

You can optimize your investigation depending on the data that you have and the type of crime you are investigating.

As a digital product, our goal is to provide an investigative intelligence solution focused in research and analysis for case management. Therefore, the solution uses a safe computational platform with analytical components, based on the concepts of Big Data and Data Science.

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We invite you to participate in the new era of Investigation 4.0.

A SCM ® Unlimited Platform atua na gestão de casos investigativos de uma maneira única e inovadora.

Diferente da forma linear e usual, na “Investigação 4.0”, você pode trabalhar com todos os dados disponíveis ao mesmo tempo: sistemas externos integrados, mensagens, e-mails, documentos, voz de dados, transcrição de áudios, tudo na mesma ferramenta.

A transformação digital em um mundo de dados infinitos traz desafios cognitivos e operacionais; fazer uma pesquisa, investigação ou simplesmente o ato de analisar uma vasta quantidade de dados, se torna uma tarefa complexa e humanamente impossível.

O SCM® foi criado para expandir a capacidade de investigar, correlacionar, pesquisar, cruzar e comparar padrões, desvios padrão ou outras técnicas, usando a tecnologia Big Data.

Você pode otimizar a sua investigação, dependendo dos dados que possui e do tipo de crime que está investigando.

Como produto digital, nosso objetivo é uma solução de inteligência investigativa focada em pesquisa e análise para gerenciamento de casos (Case Management). Sendo assim, utiliza uma plataforma computacional segura com componentes analíticos, baseada no conceito de Big Data e Data Science.



Limitation in processing large volumes of data.

Processing large volumes of scalable data (Unlimited).

Increasing the investigation time with the hard labor of pre-treating the data before ingesting them at investigative tools.

Reducing the investigation time with automation of the process of ingestion and treatment of the data.

The investigator performed the hard labor at the WhatsApp message exchange, making the process slow and ineffective.

Advanced research is allowed in 100% of content in WhatsApp message exchange files, including keywords inside audios and videos.

Loss of relevant information due to data that has been stored separately in a repository of several non-integrated investigative tools.

Best answers with agility, through mor comprehensive link analysis, with the correlation between all the investigative case data in a single platform.

Simple data, fewer possibilities of correlations between them.

Multifaceted data, potentializing the relationship between them.

There was no possibility of integration with internal and external systems with the repository of each investigation tool.

Integration with internal and external systems Integração com sistemas internos e externos, enriching the case data repository.

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