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Specialized reseller in Hardware and Software

  • Big Data Appliance
  • Exadata – Oracle Database Appliance
  • ZDLRA – Oracle Database Backup Appliance
  • Big Data Security Appliance
  • Exadata C@C (Cloud at Customer)
  • Private Cloud at Customer – Safe and private Cloud Appliance, delivered as an underwriting 
  • Oracle Softwares’ Licensing


Premium Services / Advanced Services

  • Start or enhance your Data Science Office
  • Methodology to extract value from your business or use case
  • Big Data and Data Science Maturity Diagnosis 

(Big Data Analytics Maturity Model)

  • Traditional Information Security x Big Data
  • Consulting Service in Data as a Process
  • Development and systems’ integration and Big Data
  • Data Science as a service
  • Development of scalable and decentralized Big Data Projects

Professional Services

  • Database Support
  • Business Continuity Plan in environments with big (volume of) data
  • Deploy and support for high availability computing environment
  • Data contingency service using Oracle Technology 
  • Digital Identity Management
  • Information Security
  • Systems migration to Cloud
  • Public and private Cloud deployment and support

Bureau of Data→

  • Business Investigation for the areas of Compliance, Audit and more
  • Collection, capture, storage, file, transcription, processing, indexing and ingestion of data for research serving the chain of custody
  • Audio transcriptions through web service or file stored in the investigative content repository
  • Installation, Mentoring and Improvement of Acoustic Models for transcription
  • Use cases adequacy
  • Systems’ integration
  • In-house API for ingestion, classification and data categorization
  • Big Data and Artificial Intelligence


  • Introduction to Big Data and Data Science
  • Advanced Big Data and Artificial Intelligence
  • Development and enhancement of Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine in Brazilian Portuguese
  • Structured and unstructured data consolidation
  • Cognitive Mentoring and Artificial Intelligence
  • Hands-on Training

Innovation Laboratory→

  • Bring your idea  
  • Innovation Lab in Big Data and Artificial Intelligence
  • Mentoring in complex projects
  • Development of scalable and decentralized Big Data projects