Expand your intelligence with innovation!
Find the answer you are looking for within an infinite amount of data.

In a world where data grows with no control, unlimited contexts of analysis are emerging.

Acting in segregation, in fragments, in segments, by sampling? 

Unlimited possibilities, unlimited and uncontrollable data, facets, contexts.

How can you find find answers if you don’t even know that the question may exist?

It is humanly unfeasible to analyze, evaluate, correlate, geolocate and find answers without technology.

However, more than technology, you need INNOVATION to expand your vision and see data as a whole, not part by part.


How does it work?

Step 1 →

What are your questions?

In the new 4.0 era, data has the main role.

Technology is the means to reach the useful information that is within the data. 

In this sense, with SCM, more important than processes, we understand the path of the data and, from them, we extract all rich and useful information to answer your questions, from where you don’t even know that they exist.

Step 2 →

What is the best way to visualize relevant information?

We understand the way you want and the way you need to consume the data extracted from all your files and integrated systems.

Step 3 →

Enriching the data and transforming it into a multifaceted data!

For example, a simple photo will be transformed into multifaceted data, after extraction and association of their metadata and entities, such as:

  • Geolocation.
  • Identification number (ID, Social Security Number, Driver’s License and so on) after facial recognition.
  • Correlation with data provenient from internal and external sources.

Everything to potencialize temporal link analysis and geolocation.
SCM Unlimited Platform provides a new dimension of analysis!
The path for the new. For the digital world. For a connected world.
The world we don’t understand, the cyberspace world!

Step 4 →

Are you still in Datalake era?
The new has been created. We offer the new!

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