Update to Cloudera’s software subscription pricing

March 2020

This note provides an update on standard Cloudera software subscription pricing for our customers who run Cloudera (or Hortonworks) software products on-premises. There is no impact to CDP Public Cloud customers. As of February 1, 2020, we have updated our software subscription pricing for most products. We are moving to a pricing model that more closely aligns to the usage, benefit, and value that our customers are deriving from their Cloudera platform. We are aligning with industry standards for cloud and enterprise software companies to include a variable pricing component that accounts for high density compute and storage hardware.

Why are we making this change?
Since its inception, Cloudera has offered a flat node-based pricing model. As server density has increased significantly over time, that model no longer reflects the usage of our software. Two customers may be paying the same subscription fees, but the customer with higher density nodes could be deriving a much higher benefit from the platform. The new pricing model aligns cost, usage, and value.

These changes were previewed publicly last year, and a summary of our current pricing can be found at https://www.cloudera.com/products/pricing.html.

How does the new pricing work?
As of February 1, 2020, our platform software subscriptions—HDP Enterprise Plus, Cloudera Enterprise Data Hub, and the recently released CDP Data Center Edition—are offered at a list price of $US10,000 per node, plus a variable compute and storage uplift. For existing customers, these changes take effect at time of subscription renewal.

The variable compute and storage uplift is determined by comparing the amount of compute and storage in a customer’s environment to a baseline compute and storage cap of 16 physical cores, 128GB RAM, and 48TB of addressable storage per node, pooled across an entire cluster or environment. This means that, if your server estate on average is at or below this baseline, there will be no uplift to your pricing. If your server estate is above this baseline on average, your subscription list price will increase. In addition, our component product software subscriptions—Data Warehouse, Operational Database, Data Science & Engineering, Essentials, and HDP Enterprise—will add the same variable compute and storage uplift, effective February 1, 2020.

What are the next steps?
As a current customer with an active subscription, there is no action required until renewal. In the meantime, your Cloudera account executive will work with you to explain any impact of the new pricing. Over time, we plan to add functionality to instrument server estate compute and storage metrics, making it easy to view and report on this information. Until that time, we will use current processes to determine node configurations across server estates to calculate accurate subscription pricing.